Technical Manual

Essential for energy saving is a well performing piping system. Microflex’s pre- insulated piping system, composed of a thermal insulation around a carrier pipe and covered by a “closed chamber “ protective casing, is therefore your best choice.
Microflex piping is suitable for use in heating, cooling and sanitary applica- tions and provides significant advantages such as, low-weight, hyper flex- ibility, robustness, and easy and rapid laying even over obstacles and around corners. System accessories can be mounted without any special tools.
Our PE-Xa Central Heating carrier pipe (made from cross-linked polyethylene) is oxygen diffusion proof in accordance with DIN 4726. It can transport a large number of different liquids and is fully corrosion free.
Microflex® is made available as a single, twin or quadruple piping system. It is manufactured free of CFCs.